Fragmented Futures: Afghanistan 100 Years Later

I’m happy to be a part of this exhibition featuring art, music, writing, performance and more by artists from Afghanistan and the diaspora. “The exhibit, which runs until January 12, 2020, is designed to shift the conversation on Afghanistan and … Read More

Selected Artwork

Black Sonnet

Candace Williams and I collaborated on this print featuring her poem “Black Sonnet”. We used a paper lithography process for it’s inky textures—to bring it from the digital space to paper. We made three variations of this print. Singing Saw Press will distribute copies of this print in a limited edition portfolio of broadsides called PARALLAX. Last two pictures are from the Parallax Six Issue Release Party at Wayfarers, where Candace and I discussed how we made this print.

Watercolor Drawings

Pencil, tea, watercolor on Arches Watercolor Paper, 44 inches x 30 inches

I made these drawings during a transitional period. I was traveling from sublet to sublet in Brooklyn, NY. Drawing is an exercise in documenting and grounding.

Drawings photographed at Plexus Projects Residency.

Chapbooks and Writing


Wrapped up a class at Parsons School of Design called Chapbooks and Writing. It was an amazing experience–a constant exchange of creativity and knowledge. I invited poets to talk about their process in collecting a body of work. Sahar Muradi introduced her chapbook Gates and taught the ghazal poetic form. Candace Williams read from her chapbook Spells for Black Wizards. Students letterpress printed their own messages based on the landay, a poetic form from Afghanistan.

Salaam Alaikum prints

Sahar Muradi and I’s collaborative prints will be exhibited at Bethany Arts Community. The exhibit will run from May 12 through June 10, 2018. “Salaam Alaikum” is a series of monotypes drawing lines from Muradi’s eponymous poem, which is concerned … Read More

queer is

These prints were produced for the Red Eye | Black Tie event at Amherst College. I was invited to make prints for the Queer Resource Center (QRC). After talking with the students at QRC I realized they should participate in making prints for their center. The term queer is slightly different for each person who identifies with it. Why not make prints where we each write our unique take on it.

Read more about the art and event here The Mead Opens its Doors

Visual Poetry Tent

Visual Poetry Tent at Emily Dickinson’s 🏠

Part of Of Soil and Tongues


Some say goodnight—at night—
I say goodnight by day—
Good-bye—the Going utter me—
Goodnight, I still reply—

For parting, that is night,
And presence, simply dawn—
Itself, the purple on the height
Denominated morn.

Talk at WSW

I had the fortune of teaching a screenprinting workshop at Women’s Studio Workshop’s 2017 Summer Art Institute. My workshop was titled, Visual Poetry. While I was there I witnessed WSW’s talented interns make things happen. Shout outs to Serena Hocharoen for assisting me in the printshop. And El Horsfall for putting this video interview together.