Laimah Osman: Design and Illustration

I design purposeful interactive experiences to help organizations communicate their missions.
When I work with clients, my fine arts, graphic design, and website development backgrounds converge to create engaging print and digital solutions. My process is collaborative and I make sure that my solutions are accessible to under-served communities.

Select Clients:


Living Cities

Design, Illustration

I designed and illustrated graphics for Living Cities’ racial equity report C.A.R.E.: Conversations about Racial Equity.

Medium Bitly:
Prezi Bitly:

Media Democracy Fund

Front-End Development


I developed a website for Media Democracy Fund (MDF) to advocate for a free and democratic internet. MDF wanted a site that is accessible, easy-to-update, and informative. I helped build a custom WordPress website.


Design, Front-End Development


I worked with Witness for over three years. The WordPress Multisite Network I designed and developed translates their content into Spanish, French, Portuguese and Arabic. Their website can be accessed and read globally so people can find important information on how to safely and effectively document human rights abuses.

Activists’ Guide to Archiving

Design, Front-End Development, Illustration

I collaborated with Witness’ Archivists to create their Activists’ Guide to Archiving website. The website had to be accessible, easy to navigate and read, and easy to maintain. I developed the website in Drupal using it’s translation modules to translate the content and its features to Spanish and Arabic. I produced graphics to illustrate highly-technical concepts for non-technical readers.

This website is now folded into Witness’s institutional WordPress website. It can be viewed using The Wayback Machine:

Chamber Music America

Design, Front-End Development, Illustration, Photography

As a Website Developer at Chamber Music America (CMA), I expanded the functionality of their custom built Drupal website by designing templates to promote CMA news throughout the website, adding social media feeds to the homepage, and handcoding HTML/CSS templates to offer print articles online. Under my watch, the website became more vibrant, stabile, and easier for my coworkers to update in-house than previous versions.

Beyond the website, I designed and developed HTML emails and postcards for their events and designed their sponsorship prospectus to help bring in revenue. This project included photography, original illustrations, and visual design.