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Some say goodnight—at night—
I say goodnight by day—
Good-bye—the Going utter me—
Goodnight, I still reply—

For parting, that is night,
And presence, simply dawn—
Itself, the purple on the height
Denominated morn.


Poison, written by Nadia Anjuman in the Summer of 2001 in Herat, Afghanistan. 

I letterpress printed her original Farsi poem alongside an English translation by Diana Arterian and Marina Omar in September, 2015.  I printed this to honor all the women who have been murdered in Afghanistan and beyond in misogynist societies.

To read more of Anjuman’s poems visit:

Corita Kent

TENDHER 2015 Screenprint on Rives BFK paper 28 x 20 inches
TENDHER 2015 Screenprint on Rives BFK paper 28 x 20 inches

This screenprint is an ode to Sister Corita Kent.  I made it in June at Women’s Studio Workshop.
It is in reference to this print of her’s:
tender be – part one – sr. william, 1964
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tender be – part one – sr. william archived at Harvard Art Museums with Inscriptions and Marks
An Artist Who Sees Holiness in Wonder Bread
Corita Kent in the Grunwald Center Collection – Hammer Museum An expanded digital archive focusing on the life and work of the artist